Counsel on Demand helps you identify and manage your business's legal issues so that you know that you have the best legal protection.

Your Customers

Without your customers, you have no business. Consumer protection in Australia is very strong. We can help you with :

  • Understanding your customers' rights and your obligations under the Australian Consumer Law - get it right when you get it wrong !
  • Standard trading terms - protect your business, but don't scare the customers away
  • Ensuring that you don't make claims , online or offline, which breach the Australian Consumer Law. The ACCC, the consumer watchdog is currently very focused on online businesses
  • How to market to customers and potential customers without breaching the Australian Spam Act.
  • Managing your privacy obligations when you collect personal information from customers or prospects. Do you know what personal information is within the law?
  • Negotiations with individual customers wanting to vary your standard trading terms.
  • Reviewing other businesses' contracts before you sign - unravelling the legal mumbo jumbo.

Your Suppliers

We can help you get the best legal outcome from contracts with suppliers by :-

  • Reviewing suppliers' contracts for legal traps before you sign
  • Assisting in your negotiations with suppliers and advising on confusing legal concepts such as liability and indemnity
  • Making sure that the contract reflects what you have negotiated or been promised by your supplier
  • Assisting in enforcing your supplier contract if your supplier doesn't deliver

    ! Watch this space for news on significant changes to the negotiating power of small businesses under the Australian Consumer Law- effective November 2016 !

Your Staff

The legal obligations placed on employers in NSW  have never been more complex.

  • Do your employees know the award better than you do? We can explain the award and how it applies
  • Casuals v full time v contractors v part time. Which is which ? It's a minefield and there can be a huge cost if you get it wrong. We can prepare the right contract for all your staff and will make sure you understand your legal obligations to them all.
  • Annual leave, personal leave, parental leave, requests for flexible working - getting it right as an employer isn't always easy, but we can get you there.
  • Employees and ex employees poaching your customers - we can help you put measures in place to minimise the risk
  • You should have effective policies and procedures in place in your workplace - including social media, workplace health and safety and misconduct , to name a few. Not having them means issues such as performance management and dismissal become much more difficult than they need to be. We can help with policies tailored to your workplace.

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